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45 Travel Essentials for 2023 (That You May Forget to Pack)

Updated: May 26, 2023

I’ve traveled to over a dozen countries and in this guide, I’ll remind you of all the travel essentials you need for your upcoming trip. Deciding what to pack can be one of the trickiest parts of travel planning. You don’t want to overpack, but traveling unprepared is just as stressful. Fortunately, this ultimate checklist and my travel tips will help you reach your destination ready and confident! I share several useful items you may have not even considered like a luggage scale, portable door lock, and multi-purpose wash. All these travel essentials were selected with the purpose of saving you time, money, and hassle—and several are also intended to keep you safe. Trust me, you won’t find a more comprehensive list anywhere else!

Table of Contents

  • Clothing to Pack for Travel

    • Versatile Sneakers

    • Versatile Jacket

    • Merino Wool Clothing

    • Darn Tough Socks

    • Travel Wrap/Scarf

    • Flip Flops

  • Travel Packing Tips

    • Choose the Right Travel Bag

    • Know Your Laundry Options

    • Pack Good Shoes

    • Roll and Fold Your Clothes in Your Packing Cubes

    • Don’t Overpack

    • Bring Clothes to Leave Behind

    • Wear Your Bulky Clothing Items While You Travel

    • Consider Travel Insurance

  • FAQs About Travel Essentials

    • What are some travel essentials I should remember to pack?

    • What are commonly forgotten travel items?

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