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Global Gadget Charger World Travel Multi-Power and portable Charger.�

This one you have to get as this may be the last charger you will need.� �We are talking about a charger that has 2 highspeed USB ports 1 Type USB-C port, QiWireless charger that will fully charge�your phone anywhere.� It has inbuilt power bank inside the plug so you have stored power capacity�in the middle of nowhere.�

The type C outlet can be used to power your laptops that are powered�by a Type C connection.

Wireless Charger works with Apple and Samsung phones all models as well as any phone with Qi Wireless�capabilities.

The charger plugs into 120/240�VAC�outlet will work in foreign countries as well.

Built-in�LED display to show how much power left.� It works in over 150 countries.

Rugged construction�and stylish look.


  • Will charge - iPhone, iPad, MacBook 2015 and after, Samsung, Sony.
  • Multi Global Outlet Adapter included that will work in any outlet in the world.
  • Charger with Power bank 8000mAh.
  • Has 2 USB ports for any charging.
  • It has 1 Type USB-C port.�
  • Built-in�surge protector.
  • Full Qi Wireless capabilities.
  • Works with Global outlets 120/240v AC.�
  • Comes in White or Black color.

Global Gadget Charger World Travel Multi-Power and portable Charger

$48.49 Regular Price
$42.16Sale Price
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