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Multi charger Fast charging pad that will charge your iPhone wirelessly and also your iWatch and Airpods�1st�or 2nd generations.�

This fast charge island of power is a go-to place to rest your gadgets at the end of the day, right on your nightstand or your desk and refuel all your devices at the same time! When you wake up in the morning all devices will be fresh and ready to use.�

It also makes it convenient to see the phone without picking it up while you are sleeping when it happens to ring or buzz.


  • The Ccharging Pad plugs into a wall outlet that has a USB port.�
  • It comes in White or Black.

Island Of Power 3 In 1 Wireless Multicharger Charge Your Watch Airpod And Phone

$35.32 Regular Price
$30.71Sale Price
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