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Experience the latest sensation in stereo technology.

Designed for the modern music lover, this state-of-the-art device combines the clarity of an HD voice telephone call with the power of a mobile music player for incredible sound quality and true stereo sound.�It features high resolution, studio-quality audio, with wind and echo cancellation. Its hi-tech design not only allows you to wear your headset just like a regular pair of glasses; you can�also easily switch between voice calls and music instantly. Once paired with a compatible iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or computer device, you'll be able to answer calls and control the volume by using the multifunction button located on the specially designed user interface.��It comes with Apple's new lighting connector, freeing you from all the wires.

Get this�amazing Twin Bluetooth Headphone that's designed for your active lifestyle.�Make and receive phone calls without taking out the headset, have conversations with friends online, and�enjoy music at the same time! Let the music flow and talk wirelessly, all without missing a beat with Marble Pebble.


    • Multifunctional,�with built-in Power�display and call function with the multipoint connection.
    • Secure-fit ear hook design.
    • Small and lightweight, it stays comfortably in place while you exercise or play sports.�
    • It has single and double ears Bilateral stereo.
    • You get the transmission range for up to 10 m.
    • Each has a�fun beach pebble shape.
    • Colors�come in solid�and summery hues as well as with a marble look and feel.

Marble Pebble Twin Bluetooth Headphones

$28.56 Regular Price
$24.84Sale Price
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