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Safeguard your electronic devices while charging against power surges and extend their life by regulating proper charge delivery with this Multicharging Station.� �

This charging station has enough room to plug in 6 electronic products, can also charge 2 USB ports and a single USB -C port that charges many of the laptops, tablets, iPads, and phones.�The USB ports on the charging station use a High-Speed Quick charge, which can not only cut your charging time by 50%, it also stops charging when the device is 100% charged, eliminating overcharge and heat.� The 6 AC outlets with120/ Volts are surge protected and can be used simultaneously. Overall this�Charging Station is a perfect platform to park your phone or a gadget while it gets charged in a safe environment. It also has a light so you can�keep the charging area lighted or use it as a night light, it also has an adjustable dimmer switch.

Plugin the whole charging station into your wall outlet and convert it into one powerful multi-charging station instantly right out of the box. Perfect charger to manage to charge all your electronic devices while working from home.


  • Multi Charging Station with 6X AC 120 V outlet and 2X USB2.0 and 1X USB-C.
  • Fits in any standard wall outlet.
  • Fast charging USB port with auto regulating the charge.
  • Gadget parking shelf on the top.
  • Surge protected AC outlets for safeguarding your electronic devices.
  • Dimmable light can be completely turned Off.
  • Size: 6.7 " tall, 3 " wide, and 1" deep.
  • Perfect for managing multiple electronics while working from home.
  • It comes in a Neutral White color.

Safeguard Multi Charging Station For Phone Laptops And Gadgets

SKU: 723466576123-13620630
$41.08 Regular Price
$35.72Sale Price
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