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Storm Safe Emergency Weather Radio that gives live�24/7 weather report for your local area, a must have at the time of inclement weather when all power and phone signal are dead.

This slick Emergency Weather Radio will catch the AM,�FM and NOAA weather broadcast 24 hours a day. The Radio is self-sufficient�as it can take sunlight via Solar panel to charge its battery or you can use the built-in�hand crank to generate�dynamo�power and store it!��

A perfect for Home, Office, RV or a Boat. It has a powerful flashlight and a USB adapter to use with any Smartphone to charge it. A must-have for camping.


1. Multi-band tuner with AM, FM, NOAA Weather Band.

2. The large solar panel�on�top of the radio.

3. USB cell phone/Smartphones for iPod/MP3 charger.

4. 3-LED super bright pushbutton flashlight.

5. Built-in Ni-MH rechargeable batteries (Customer Replaceable).

6. A high-quality dynamic speaker.

7. 3-way powered (No Batteries required):

  • Dynamo Crank charging,
  • Solar power,
  • A computer using USB cord (included).

8. Large built-in solar panel powers the radio by�the sun�or indoor light.
9. The small handheld multifunction radio is perfect for emergency use indoor or outdoor.
10. The radio is designed to charge many small electronic items. It comes with a DC cable, for�Applejack, standard USB jack, mini USB jack, micro USB jack, and a standard USB to mini USB cable. The DC cable can connect to one of the jacks which can charge gadgets like your Mobile/Cell phones/Smartphones, Mp3, Mp4, for�iPod and more.

11.Light Weight under 1/4 lbs small size: 10 in Wide x 4 in Tall and 2 in Deep.


  • AM Radio: 525 ~ 1710 KHz.
  • FM Radio: 88 ~ 108 Mhz.
  • Working voltage: 2.7V ~ 4.2V.
  • NOAA/Weather Band: 162.40 ~ 162.55 Mhz.
  • Power source: 2/3AAA300mAh/3.6V Ni-Mh.
  • Telescopic Antenna.
  • Built-In�Speaker.
  • 3-Brilliant White LED Flashlight: illumination 5000lux @120mm, LED lifespan: 100,000 hours.
  • Dimension: 128x60x45 mm or 5x2.5x2 inches.
  • Weight:�10.1�ounces�(285 g).
  • It comes in Red.

Package includes:

1x USB Cable.
1x USB Adapter.
1x DC Charging Cable.

Storm Safe Emergency AM/FM/NOAA Weather Band Radio With Solar Flash Light And

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$34.64 Regular Price
$30.12Sale Price
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